May 28, 2024

In 2024, BBQ is becoming a sophisticated cooking method that blends tradition with innovation. These trends, which include eco-friendly practices, global exploration and taking on technology, are the shift towards sustainable cooking methods as well as flavor integration and social engagement.

For example, a new generation of barbecue evangelists has taken the art of BBQ to a completely new level. From reviving old recipes using innovative flavors to creating new rubs and marinades that give new twists to classic dishes, these innovators are making BBQ more than just a backyard ritual. They are reimagining how consumers experience BBQ in their favorite establishments, and are encouraging the food industry to come up with creative solutions that cater to today’s consumer.

Furthermore, as environmental awareness grows, more and more consumers are turning to plant-based proteins to satisfy their BBQ desires. This has led to the creation of meat substitutes that allow customers to try barbeque dishes without sacrificing their vegan or vegetarian diets. These innovations are also helping to increase the popularity of grill-centric fast-food chains, which feature innovative mashups and new formulations of traditional cuts such as portobello and brisket “burnt ends.”

When it comes to grilling there are many modern technology that make this once-difficult task a lot easier, too. For example, smart sous vide devices let you keep track of the temperature of your meats and even keep in the loop of how much propane utilized. In addition, there are a wide variety of smartphone-compatible apps that can help you cook your meats to perfection.

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