Methylone is a stimulant with a mild hallucinogenic effect. Because it’s a relatively new substance, it’s called a research chemical. It’s advised to treat product with caution. Because of its short existence, there hasn’t been much research done, and there isn’t much known about long term effects or addiction rates.


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It is a chemical drug which is very similar in structure to MDMA and has similar effects. It is a stimulant with a mild hallucinogenic effect. This product can be purchased from Seconal Group in any of three forms. Large crystals are our most popular, fine pharmaceutical powder or small crystals. Please see our list of other fine products available now. Seconal Group is your supplier of high-quality products and you can buy now.

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It is completely understood that people don’t trust the quality of Methylone online because they can’t examine it physically. But it’s not the same thing with Seconal Group. The products here are true to their description with high-quality maintenance done under the supervision of the experts. Feel free to contact Seconal Group and we will respond immediately and place your order from our cart.

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