May 25, 2024

The how, when and the location of your board’s meetings can have a big impact on the quality of your meetings. It is crucial to take into account that board members are volunteers and are also juggling other obligations like full-time jobs and family responsibilities. The first step is finding the best time and date that is suitable for the majority of your board. You can use an online resource like Doodle to ask your board members about the most convenient times for them, while taking into consideration holidays and other time sensitive events that might impact availability.

It is also important to ensure that your meeting space is comfortable and accessible for everyone on your Board. You will require enough space to accommodate the entire Board and to allow everyone to move around freely. Also, you will need to provide adequate seating for those attending remotely. You should also test the audiovisual equipment to make sure that it is working smoothly for your board members.

After the meeting is scheduled, it is crucial to create a agenda for the board. By including a draft of the agenda, you can help ensure that all the information you need to cover is included. It will also help to avoid any misunderstandings during the meeting.

Typically, the majority of your board meeting will be dedicated to deciding on strategies and analyzing the future plans of your company. You will discuss your organization’s major achievements and milestones, and also any areas where you aren’t in good shape. Set clear goals and work with your board members to achieve them.

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